Bravery and Bootlegging in Chicago

A client of ours from the UK knew exactly what he wanted for his corporate event: a gangster experience in Chicago. We threw them a gala dinner that would have impressed Capone himself.

Shiny black and white limousines transported the guests to the giant speakeasy we set up at Gilt Bar in Chicago’s River North district. Men in flashy suits and fedoras walked arm-in-arm with women in long, glittering dresses and flowing boas across their shoulders.

We arranged for a surprise “hijacking” that occurred in the middle of the night’s festivities. Gangsters crashed the party and were about to go around collecting valuables, when the company’s CEO (who was in on the stunt) bravely accosted the lead gangster and chased the rest of them out. That’s when the party really kicked into full gear.

Our client couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out. His employees really got the ‘20s-era experience that they’d thought only existed in movies anymore.