It’s Showtime: A Day at the Movies

How do you impress a group of senior executives from Asia?  The answer, we found, was easy: Take them to Hollywood.  People from all walks of life have fantasized about Hollywood all their lives.  So, when we were asked to come up with an itinerary that would really impress this client group, we knew where to go.  We also knew that a “touristy” tour of a Hollywood studio wouldn’t cut it.  We had to pull some strings, but we got our group onto a set of a movie that was being shot—not as spectators, but as extras.  Yes, we did have to take their cameras away from them—but we were confident that the pictures was permanently captured in their minds and hearts.  Some were openly touched by the experience—images that are forever printed on our hearts.  The only thing we could do for our aw-struck group after was to take them to one of the most famous watering holes in all of Tinsel Town, the Polo Lounge, for a “martini…shaken not stirred” and some serious celebrity gazing.