Le Cirque in La Metropole

“The City of a Hundred Steeples” has now become the capital of the circus renaissance with such illustrious names as le Cirque du Soleil and le Cirque Eloize.  How do you entertain a group of German automakers in the world's second largest French-speaking city?  How about taking them to the circus?  After an action-packed day of scavenger hunt in the World Heritage-designated Old Montreal, intercepted only by frequents stops for all-Quebecois food samples that included the famed “poutine,” the group got all dressed up for their exclusive “soiree” with the talented members of le Cirque du Soleil.  Though it was only natural that it took this otherwise formal group to loosen up, they soon found themselves deep in the action with an unforgiveable interactive act, all custom-designed for them.