Post Program Evaluation

It was a pleasure for us to have had the opportunity to serve you.  In our continuous effort to improve our service delivery, we will be sincerely grateful if you could take a few minutes and answer the following questions as they pertain to the program we just operated for you.

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the worst, 5 being the best), please rate your overall experience with each stage of the event (please select one).

Timeliness of our responses/proposal(s):
Promptness and friendliness of your designated Account Manager:
Did our proposal(s) meet your needs? Was it comprehensive and creative?
Were you satisfied with the choice of venues, etc. that we presented to you?
Was our contract clear enough and answered all your questions?
Did we meet your expectations with our onsite (airport, hospitality, tour, venues, etc.) staff?
Our transportation services?
The restaurants/venues you used?
The tours/activities we offered?
Did your guests enjoy the activities and events coordinated by GMS?
Did our level of service during program execution meet your expectations and standards?
Were our invoices accurate and reflected the services you contracted for?
We welcome any recommendations or constructive comments you may have?
Can we assist you with our services for another event anywhere else? If so, please indicate when you are planning another event.
We would greatly appreciate it if you could write a brief testimonial: