The Nirvana for Foodies in the Dot.Com City

We had to devise a food-packed program for a group of “foodies” from Canada [senior executives of a national food company].  The request was challenging as we had to come up with suggestions that did not include national outlets.  But we know our city and we were up to the challenge.  To dare our hardy neighbors to the North, we scheduled a majestic sunrise ritual for them.  No, not to the Space Needle.  Like true Seattleite we know that the Smith Tower—a local best-kept secret— has an equally amazing view of downtown Seattle.  By this time, our favorite coffee shop was open.  No, not that one with a coffee shop around every corner. We headed straight to Cafe Allegro, Seattle’s first coffee shop, that’s known to have the best Americano.  Next stop: The Center for Wooden Boats, where our skilled skippers and crew took the group out on the water—on a mix of spirit boats and schooners.

It was brunch time: and time to head to Portage Bay Café to brunch like there’s no tomorrow.  This Seattle brunch haven is known for its organic ingredients and delicious American fare. Line too long? Don’t worry.  We’ll let you skip to the front without being met with a grimace and a healthy dose of passive aggressiveness.   

After lunch it was time to become one with nature at the Seattle Arboretum [Birkenstocks were optional]

After the tour, the group board The SLUT for a few drinks and a fun ride on the South Lake Union Trolley for a scenic tram ride on their way to Brouwer’s Café for some pairing of frites with frosty brews.  The legend has it that one can quickly get addicted to the Café’s “dragon sauce.”    

Noticing how exhausted the group looked, it was time for an early dinner at Local 360, where all items on the menu are sourced from within 360 miles of its location—but everyone opted for “the best burgers in Belltown.”  Sensing the group’s sweet teeth, we headed to Molly Moon’s and reminded them that failure to sample the salted caramel would result in the biggest regret of their lives. 

The last we heard from our wonderful client from the Great White North was that they glassed up their night at Needle & Thread, the Speakeasy that is hidden above “Tavern Law.”