“There is something good and motherly about Washington”—Mark Twain

Washington, DC, is not just a magnet for politicians and lobbyists, the Nation’s Capital is rich with history, architecture and, yes, culinary extravaganza.  Home to representatives of almost any land, the city has developed a palate for food of any sort and national origin.  So, when we had a senior management group from Scandinavia on tour in the Capital, we had to impress them with the city’s acumen in culinary art.  For an unforgettable experience, we organized a cruise on the Potomac which we themed “Monuments by Moonlight.”  With a top-notch Scandinavian chef already onboard, we whisked the group away from the Hay-Adams and got them boarded on a chartered executive yacht and the fun began.  They quickly learned that Washington’s lively atmosphere and exciting experiences hardly disappear with the setting sun.  The group was having a blast and the trademark Scandinavian jovial laughter could be heard from afar. 

Back on land, with courtside Gold VIP tickets in hand, the groups was able to get closer to an action-packed Washington Wizard’s basketball game with access to the private Coaches Club throughout the game.  The group also got private access to the locker room as the players were changing after the game to mingle and get those sought-after autographs.  The group was on Cloud 7 when we delivered them safe and sound to “Off the Record” the upscale, discrete bar at the Hay-Adams, one of Washington’s top places to be seen and not heard—though we can’t vouch if they were or were not.