Now that fall is here, many of us are looking forward to the leaves changing color, the pumpkin-spiced product of the day, and those chunky sweaters that haven’t been worn since last fall. Despite the hype for autumn, there are quite a few people who do not look forward to the end of summer. As the temperatures drop, many just want to hibernate until spring comes around. GMS can’t spring forward time, but we can recommend things to do in the Windy City that are indoors and away from the cold.

The Loop--Chicago Pizza Tours

Courtesy of Chicago Pizza Tours

Courtesy of Chicago Pizza Tours

Operating since 2009, Chicago Pizza Tours has been packing the punch in flavor as they guide their tours via bus. Enjoy authentic, Chicago style pizza, as well as four other distinct styles, throughout several Chicago neighborhoods. Not only do you get to enjoy pizza for the next three hours, but you also learn about the science behind making the perfect pie. 

Skokie, IL--The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center

The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.png

“Remember the Past, Transform the Future.”  This is what the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center stands for as the local Holocaust survivor community put over 30 years of work into the building that stands today. This particular exhibit that we are highlighting is “Besa: A Code of Honor.” This exhibit focuses on the American photographer, Norman Gershman, and his work on Muslim Albanians who helped save Jews during the Holocaust. This somber learning experience is recurring daily until March of 2018.

Bucktown--At North Bar

Courtesy of At North Bar

Courtesy of At North Bar

For those who have a funny bone, At North Bar hosts an open mic called “Smart Mouth Comedy Open Mic.” Once a week, 20 people can sign up on Facebook to tell their best jokes for 20 minutes. In order to get more on-stage time, comedians must correctly answer trivia questions. If the spotlight is a little too hot, you could always choose to be a member of the audience and take a seat at 7 pm.

Not only can Global Management Services schedule fun, warm events, but we can do it without you having to worry about the little details. If you are looking for a fun outing for your corporate event, then you are at the right place!