Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays of the year in the US.  People travel all over the country to join family and friends for a home cooked banquet and cheers. Maybe you aren’t interested in cooking enough to feed an army, or perhaps you don’t have any plans for Thanksgiving. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend Thanksgiving alone and hungry. There are so many restaurants all over the US that offer holiday meals to celebrate this special day. Sometimes they have specials that last all month long. Here are a few spots that we found in some of America’s biggest cities.

New York City - Jones Wood Foundry

Jones Wood Foundry.png

On the Upper East Side, you can find the English pub Jones Wood Foundry. Run by owner and Chef Jason Hicks and operations partner Yves Jadot, Jones Wood Foundry is meant to be a place where everyone can call their own. Its namesake comes from the fact that this area used to be a forest that burned down toward the end of the 19th century. Serving comfort British food and showing English Premiere League Games, Jones Woods Foundry is sure to be a hit even when it isn’t Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day, Jones Wood Foundry is serving a traditional prix-fixe dinner. From 11 am to 8 pm, enjoy butternut squash ravioli with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner that comes with pumpkin pie as dessert. Jason Hicks recommends trying the Chestnut apple and sage stuffing and the roasted brussel sprouts if you decide to spend the day at his restaurant.

New York City - Aldea

If you were to look up what “Aldea” means in Portuguese, it would translate to “village”. Since 2009, Chef George Mendes has tried to make his restaurant seem quaint yet sophisticated as he serves dishes inspired by the Iberian Peninsula.  Mendes has always had a passion for cooking, and what better way than to cook meals based on what his Portuguese family made.  And the passion shows, since Aldea has been the talk of magazines and has won many awards, including a Michelin star. This Thanksgiving, enjoy a 3-course prix-fixe traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a Portuguese twist. Enjoy autumn acorn soup with Concord grape and pumpkin seed to walnut cake and honey.

Chicago - River Roast 

For good American food right on the Chicago River, River Roast specializes in meat, fish and veggies roasted to perfection. Chef Tony Mantuano goes in a different direction after having been responsible for the success of the famed Italian restaurant Spiaggia. River Roast also has quite the selection of Midwestern beer, as well as live musical performances during brunch. For Thanksgiving, there will be four carved roasts, a selection of salads and sides as well as a variety of desserts. So dig into a roasted turkey or maybe just eat your weight in pumpkin pie, the River Roast is sure to satisfy. 

Chicago - Signature room at the 95th

Go to the John Hancock Center and get on an elevator to the 95th floor. There, you will find the Signature Room. Started in 1993 by a hospitality management company, it has been a part of the Chicago restaurant scene for over 20 years. Being considered one of “America’s Top Tables” by Gourmet Magazine readers since 1997, The Signature Room is always known for its high-quality by tourists and locals alike. Here you can bring the whole family for a spectacular view of the city as they dine. Enjoy live music as you are greeted with Champagne and a seafood bar. Choose an entree that includes classics like roasted turkey or be adventurous and try lamb chops, with a dessert buffet to fill you to the brim.

All these places sound really good to check out if Thanksgiving dinner isn’t happening at home or if no one had plans to cook.  But regardless of where you are or what you eat, GMS wants to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope that this holiday season is bright and peaceful.