Who doesn’t love speeding down the highway for a grand road trip? Although it sounds like a dream for many, this actually happened for a select lucky few! GMS got the chance to drive through Eastern Canada in a Porsche—leading a group of fast-car enthusiasts, all behind the wheels of Porsche vehicles. This all to commemorate 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation. With this tour, “it is a wonderful combination of culture, history, sightseeing, nature, and driving some of the best cars in the world!”  Anna Seitz, one of our account managers, learned to the truth about these words, as she concluded leading such a distinguished group of car enthusiasts!

Anna got to be in the driver’s seat for leading a tour for ten people during a 10-day period. Over 2,000 miles were driven to experience the wondrous landscapes and the historical city skylines. Although a little nerve wracking for Anna driving a luxury car for the first time, she soon got used to the car and began to enjoy herself just like the rest of the pros in the caravan.   

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Each day was a day for exploration and excitement. Participants drove themselves in a brand-new luxury Porsche vehicle to discover gems throughout Eastern Canada.  From Toronto to Halifax, they drove on winding roads without a care in the world. When the driving stopped for the day, guests got to spend their evenings in first-rate accommodations and ate dinners that reflect the mix of cultures that you can only find in The Great White North. For every day trip in each city, Anna and the participants got to see 19th century architecture while enjoying 21st century style and convenience. From spending a night in Drake Devonshire with staff setting up a fun prank for guests to eating at Sim’s Corner with exceptional oysters and steaks, such places beautifully balance the historical with the modern. Some of Anna’s favorite places on the trip were the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City and driving on the famous Cabot Trail on Cape Benton Island.  With these elements, 10 people started this journey as strangers, but they ended as likely friends for life.

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In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Porsche Canada is promoting a driving experience across Eastern Canada.  Twenty lucky participants will get behind some of the most sought-after Porsche vehicles and drive from Toronto, ON, to Halifax, NS.  The 10-day journey will cover some of most historic sites in Canadian history.  For this once-in-a-lifetime experience, Porsche Canada selected Global Management Services from among many contenders to manage the logistics of the driving experience.  For 10 days, 20 lucky participants will get to experience some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in every turn while behind the wheels of some of the most advanced engineering marvels.  There is no better way to see some of Canada’s revered historic sites in this landmark year than onboard of an engineering masterpiece. Find out more here.