Pulling off a large-scale teambuilding event is never easy.  But we have always welcome the challenge.  So, when our client asked for a teambuilding exercise that could engage all their 900 participants, we know where to turn to.  We reached out to our partners at Smarthunts to help us conceive of a program that would be engaging for a group of high achievers, fun, and action oriented. 

Imagine having to keep 90 teams on track and focused on their respective “tasks.”  That they did—and with flying colors.  While the run-of-the mill scavenger hunts are becoming blasé, Smarthunts portfolio of tech-based teambuilding activities are designed with millennials in mind.  Using their mobile technology coupled with challenging tasks, everyone in our client’s group remained engaged all the way through. 

SmartHunts was able to include challenging teambuilding activities that encouraged our teams to think SMART, find landmarks, solve clues, answer trivia, perform tasks, and complete fun photo and video challenges shot on our their iPads during the hunt.  This was a perfect fit for a group of highly competitive young professionals.  Everybody was able to let their hair down, have a blast yet be true to their inner competive spirits.

For your next challenging team building exercise—whether it is for a core groups of executive or for companywide teams numbering in hundreds, reach out to GMS:Global Management Services.  We know how to cater to your teams’ craving for challenges in a fun-filled environment that is sure to promote sprit de corp.