As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, fall is making it known that it is here. Some places don’t have a full range of seasons, or if they do, it’s not crisp fall days with multicolored leaves, but just drab grey everywhere. But in Boston, Massachusetts, fall is the perfect time of year to visit. GMS points out all the fun things you can do to get in the autumn spirit while traveling in Boston.

Nothing says fall like Halloween and the scary stuff it entails. At the Peabody Museum, they display sci-fi and horror posters from the collection of Metallica guitarist, Kirk Hammett. This exhibit will be available to the public until November 27th. So if you want to look at mid-century artwork that helped inspire one of the most famous metal bands, this place wouldn’t be too bad to visit.

Ghost & Gravestones

If you want something that’s a little more bump in the night, consider going to a ghost tour from Ghost & Gravestones. Hear real stories about the History of Boston, close to 400 years’ worth. Right now, they have tours seven days a week until mid-November. If you are the type that is always ready for a good scare and a good history lesson, you can come back early March of next year to get a good fright.

Fall Cruise on The Charles River

Fall Cruise on The Charles River

If you are not into horror so much, there are still many traditional fall things to do in Boston. The Charles Riverboat Company invites you to take a 90-minute cruise to enjoy the fall foliage along the Charles River. Pass by the best colleges as you enjoy fall treats like apple cider and take in the best that fall has to offer.

Fall in Boston is sure way to guarantee a great time. At GMS, we guarantee event excellence anywhere you want to travel, Boston included.