A whopping 61.8 million tourists travel to New York City every year and they often visit some of the well-known tourist stops: The Empire State building, Central Park, Times Square, and many other big names. While we strongly recommend that you visit these places if you are in the City for the first time, New York City has so much more to offer. Global Management Services found these little gems sparkling in the City and thinks you should check them out.

The McKittrick Hotel---Sleep No More

The McKittrick Hotel---Sleep No More

A bunch of warehouses make up the “recently restored” MicKittirck Hotel. Here you can find an immersive play based on Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” but the setting takes place in a 1930s noir film. Those who come to see the performance are required to wear mask, which the McKittrick Hotel provides. Since it is an immersive experience, guests can leave anytime they like, and can even stop by The Gallow Green rooftop restaurant or The Manderley Bar for food and drinks.


The National Museum of Mathematics

Most people shudder and try to avoid thinking of the dreaded subject called math. The National Museum of Mathematics wants to change that. Bringing the everyday and extraordinary things that we experience and showing the math behind it. The MoMath has been in Flatiron district of Manhattan since 2009, showing the beauty in math for the young and not-so-young. See the shadow of a tesseract or a bicycle with square wheels! You are sure to learn something at the nation’s only museum that focuses on mathematics, and maybe—just maybe—you will hate math a little less.

Socrates Sculpture Park

Before 1986, this 4.5 acre park used to be a landfill. Artists and activists of Queens, New York, turned it into what it is today a great place for locals and tourist alike! You can go on a self-guided tour or stop by for one of their outdoor film events. Many upcoming artists show off their work here, so you can come back and always see something new. There are all sorts of classes and performances; and it is open every day of the year.

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There are so many things off the beaten path in New York City, and GMS can take you there. For a unique journey, contact us for all your incentive travel needs.